Hello there! Welcome to Vitamin C’s. This is a blog curated by two Columbus-based sisters who have diverse interests. We always joke that if we weren’t sisters we wouldn’t be friends.

 Candace img_5222

A registered dietitian who graduated from the Ohio State University magna cum laude in 2013. She continued her schooling with Bowling Green State University and completed a masters in food and nutrition in 2015. She currently works full-time as a corporate dietitian. She enjoys healthy cooking, strength-training, Sherlock and giant bowls of popcorn.




A student majoring in Allied Health and graduating in April 2017 (woot woot). She has a passion for occupational therapy and working with children with Autism. She also has a keen interest in healthy eating when it comes to sensitive digestion and gluten free living. When she isn’t knee deep in anatomy textbooks she enjoys yoga, reading copious amounts of books, collecting too many journals and eating granola and bananas like it’s an Olympic sport.