Review Brassica (aka my fave restaurant in Columbus, Ohio)

Hey guys! Just dropping in to tell you how much I adore a this little gem of a restaurant Brassica in the Short North area of Columbus.  To be very honest, I rarely eat out. I love cooking and I know it saves me a lot of money to make the majority of my meals at home.

However, it’s fun to go out and try new things sometimes so in the spirit of Project Have More Fun we decided to have an impromptu evening “out on the town” last week. We hit up the Short North area in downtown Columbus. I love this area because there are so many restaurants, bars, art galleries and cute little stores. Typically, we just walk up and down the 3/4 mile or so long street and peep into the art galleries while sampling the world’s best ice cream  on tiny silver spoons. Well, this evening was not atypical ;). We did just that and while we window-shopped we were keeping our eye out for a unique place to eat dinner. However, as soon as we saw Brassica our shopping and searching ended. We unanimously started drifting to the doorway and our dinner decision was made.

Now, I have been to Brassica twice before and I am VERY picky about where I eat so the fact that I wanted to eat here for a third time speaks volumes about how good this place is. Essentially, it is a locally sourced Lebanese Chipotle. I love it! You start by choosing a fluffy freshly made whole wheat pita or a kale/brussel sprout heavy salad topped with lentils. Then, you are able to choose from a bevy of delicious meats, colorful roasted and fresh vegetables and the most amazing sauces. They even have candied lamb bacon which is absolutely hands down one of the best things I have ever eaten.

I got my usual….the salad topped with lentils, chicken schwarma, a dollop of hummus and baba (because I can never decide which I like best) and ALL the veggies (an assortment of roasted carrots and cauliflower, pickled cucumber, radishes and red cabbage. Then, I usually top it all off it with a healthy dose of their house-made hot sauce. img_2011.jpg

If you are in the Columbus area, I highly recommend checking Brassica out. The only concern I have about this place is trying to figure out when I can next go back 🙂

If you are a reader from Columbus (or have visited Columbus), do you have any favorite restaurant suggestions? I would love to hear about them!


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