It’s Ok To Be Sad





These are all words that I would say have aptly described me these past few months.

I felt/feel ashamed every time I admit those feelings. Like for some reason it means failure on my part that those feelings exist. However sadness isn’t a sign of weakness or failure, it is a sign of strength. Admitting you are overwhelmed allows you to be open to a world of potential strength and happiness. How can you know when you are truly completely happy if you don’t first allow yourself to feel a wide range of emotions that also include the bad kind. But is there really a bad kind of emotion?

Sadness increases motivation

Have you ever been on that happy high that you never want to come down from? The kind where you can’t stop smiling even if you wanted to, the kind of happiness where if someone brushed up against you they would take some of your sunshine on their way. It’s euphoric, your body rejoices in good endorphins. I dare say it even becomes addicted. This is a healthy addiction however because it increases your motivation in times when you are feeling sad and dejected to, you guessed it, be happy! Once you know how good happy feels you know in your mind how to make things better. You have BEEN to that light at the end of the tunnel and now you have a map and you know the way to get there. You are motivated and you are strong, and sadness is going to help you get there.

Sadness improves judgement

This one may seem hard to believe but once you think about the logic behind it you’ll have a better idea what I mean! Sadness removes the so called “halo effect” that surrounds some situations and allows you to clearly make judgements that aren’t completely based on the fear of happiness or unhappiness. It is much easier to make a decision when you are not feeling slap happy and all “sure lets spend $100 dollars on this pair of leggings I’ll never wear but I am sure I eventually will because it’ll continue to make me happy” This is a fairly shallow example but you get the picture. Just think, it’s promoting a more attentive thinking style because you are more aware of how decisions will make you feel.

Sadness brings joy 

If you haven’t seen Inside Out by Pixar Studios I would highly recommended it. I won’t spoil it but I will tell you that Pixar was on to something in their portrayal of the character Sadness. Sadness literally saves the day, the mind needs it, and so does that heart. In those moments of sadness cherish the things you can learn from it. But also be aware of how you interact with other people as a result of it. If you become snappy or cranky, take a step back and consider your actions. Also be willing to apologize for being unkind when it is likely not that person(s) fault. If it is someone else who is making you feel these feelings now would be a good time to also take a step back from them. It is wise to evaluate how other people make you feel, both good and bad.

So my friends, let me just tell you from experience. Sadness happens, sadness and anger is very real. But instead of beating yourself up about it, feeling like a failure, or shutting yourself off from others. Remind yourself that it is normal and it will be ok. Allow yourself to be in the moment even if it is sadness and reap the benefits.



3 thoughts on “It’s Ok To Be Sad

  1. Donald Hornsby says:

    Thanks for sharing this. As you say, we should “Remind yourself that it is normal and it will be ok. Allow yourself to be in the moment even if it is sadness and reap the benefits”.


  2. Jenean Creason says:

    💁🏻From inside out. From the bottom of my ❤️️! thank you. ✍🏼️Recently I have experienced the loss of a mentor🤓 in my life And, it has been my aim to work hard to achieve without their encouragement, their voice hovering in the background. Your advice tells of a great strategy for the power behind sad😢; it is a change agent , a motive for heading towards the 🌅 sunrise!

    Tomorrow is a new day!
    Tomorrow I will open my eyes 👀 to a new way of thinking!

    Jenean Creason
    Autism Specialist


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