Something I Love: Spotify

Something I loving right now is Spotify. I know it isn’t a novel concept or anything but I had a realization yesterday that I had listened to it almost constantly all day. For just over $12 bucks a month I can listen to any song I want. Also, I love the playlist aspect that lets me select a tailored playlist depending on the mood I am in.

Here is how I used Spotify yesterday:

Morning studying: I wanted something relaxing to start the day so I put on the “Infinite Acoustic” playlist. I love having soothing music play in the background and it is a great way to start the day on a positive note and in a relaxed state of mind.

 On the way to work: I listened to John Mayer because he is coming to Columbus in a few weeks and I wanted to familiarize myself with his music beforehand.

Lunch break: I needed to mentally defrag so I listened to “Acoustic Pop”. Can you tell I love my acoustic?

On the way home: I was feeling a little melancholy on the drive home so I put on a playlist called “Songs to Sing in the Car” hoping it would help cheer me up. A little peek of what’s on this playlist: Beautiful Day by U2, Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran and Fight Song by Rachel Platten (love this one!).

 While cooking dinner: I turned on the “Relax and Unwind” playlist, which is a nice mix of some slower current music (Barcelona by George Ezra is the best!)

If you enjoy music you should definitely check this app out. It is worth every penny (and no this is not an endorsed post or anything, I just love it that much).

Do you use any apps that you absolutely love/can’t live without? I would love your suggestions!


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