Cookie Pie for Breakfast

There are few desserts that I want and make and eat continually as I do with cookie pie . It has been the perfect standby for the Super Bowl, birthdays, picnics… really anything. It’s the perfect combination of goey, chocolate and satisfying, and you can eat it and not feel guilty for breakfast!

The best thing about this recipe is that it is vegan, gluten free and nut free. As long as you make provisions for the chocolate chips we used the Enjoy Life brand (they are actually super tasty and perfect for baking or snacking.

I also shamelessly like to photograph it as much as possible because it makes me happy and also photographs fantastically if you ask me. This most recent batch got pretty browned on the top and I think it made it look especially appealing.





This was my breakfast this morning with some warmed up coconut milk and cinnamon.


Sometimes you just need to treat yourself, and this treat will leave you feeling satisfied and not on a guilt trip. Enjoy!


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