Project Have More Fun

Cara and I are trying to have more fun. This might sound like kind of an odd statement but let me explain. We are both in very busy times of our lives. I am working full-time establishing my career as a corporate dietitian. Cara is going to school full-time to become an occupational therapist and is applying to grad schools while simultaneously working as a medical scribe (honestly I don’t know how that girl does it!). It seems like we are always going from the time we wake up in the morning until late in the evenings. Recently, we both realized we needed to make room for some more relaxing downtime in our lives and what would keep us more accountable then if we made plans together? We decided that once a week we are going to try and plan an activity that we could both enjoy.

Two weeks ago, we kicked off Project Have More Fun by taking a yoga class at a studio that is only a couple miles from our house called Balanced Yoga. Balanced Yoga opened last year and we have always wanted to check it out. The interior has a really neat vibe with multiple studios, hard wood floors and open loft style rooms. We took a relaxing Vinyasa flow and enjoyed the dynamic and structure of the class very much. I look forward to going back and trying out a hot yoga class (something I have always wanted to do but never been brave enough to attempt on my own).

Last week, we decided to go out for brunch on Sunday. We chose a restaurant called Alchemy that serves healthy and creative smoothies and smoothie bowls and is run by a local registered dietitian. The food was amazing! Cara chose the Rio Bowl and I ordered the Cherry Cheezecake Bowl. Both were absolutely incredible. Mine was very rich and had an amazing crumbled no-bake bite on top that added great texture to the whole bowl.

This week, we are attending a class at the Wonder Jam on creating a great morning routine. The class promises that you will leave with the perfect customized morning routine. Honestly, my mornings are often very rushed feeling so I think a re-evaluation of my current routine should be really beneficial. So far Project Have More Fun has been a success! We have spent more time together the past couple weeks then we have in the past couple months and I look forward to coming up with more fun mini adventures in the future.


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