My Love Affair With Oatmeal

Now you might be thinking that’s a dramatic title for something as “mundane” as oatmeal, but let me tell you this is not an overestimation of my feelings for the food. I am in a very committed relationship with oatmeal and it’s probably the reason I am still alive today.

Instead of telling you why I love oatmeal I will show you, because I was scrolling through my camera roll yesterday and realized that oatmeal is by far the star of the show and I have wayy too many pictures of it!


This is a peach blueberry oatmeal with a whipped coconut yogurt mixed with a banana on top


This is what I eat for breakfast everyday currently, it’s super easy and I personally think it’s the one that keeps me the most full. I use old fashioned oats and coconut milk, with a banana and sunflower butter and TADAH! Best.Breakfast.Ever


If you aren’t in the mood for cooking lots of brunch locations have oatmeal as an opinion. Here is once of my favorites from a place called Dough Mama in Columbus! It comes with nuts, fruit, and a baby pitcher of your milk of choice.


This one was so so so so good but takes a little more time because you have to stew the apples first. After stewing the apples I add my oats and stir in some coconut flakes and craisins for a nice texture.

img_3611In the mood for mixing it up? Why not try some oat cakes? They are super simple, gluten free, vegan and by far one of the most amazing things that has even been in my breakfast life.

I am planning on doing a whole post on how to cook oats and the different appliances I use to meal prep and cook a bunch at a time. But for now, I am off to have a bowl before school.




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