“Why I don’t adhere to labels” WIRTM

Welcome to my first post of What I Read This Month or WIRTM. As previously mentioned I am an avid reader, one of my favorite things about books is that it doesn’t matter what kind of mood you are in; you can find something to suit your fancy. During the month of December while on winter break from university I became particularly interested in health and wellness books. Especially those related to diet, lifestyle, and veganism.

The book that struck a chord the most with me personally was Breaking Vegan by Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde . Seriously can not recommend this book enough, especially for someone who is looking to find balance and health in their life and is using a new or extreme diet to control it. I was already a reader of her blog but I had no idea how much of my story fit with hers until I read the book.


You may be well versed on the subject of orthorexia, or veganism, or all things health but the candid way in which Jordan expresses her story made it a read that I treasured. I also loved the recipes at the end of the book, I’ll be talking about one that I tried as a later post. (Spoiler alert : I grated a cup of baby carrots by hand with a cheese grater because that’s all we had and it took 28 minutes)

I also tweeted Jordan while reading it and she responded back with the sweetest tweet ever #soulsisters



2 thoughts on ““Why I don’t adhere to labels” WIRTM

  1. Don Hornsby (@donhornsby) says:

    What a great idea to share with your readers the books that you are reading and why. Additionally, I love the way that you have connected with the author. This is one of the things that I enjoy about Social Media – the ability to interact and connect with others.


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